Dean of SKEMA China discusses options available to Chinese students


Richard Francis, dean of SKEMA-China, answers questions about SKEMA’s Asian campus, the study path for Chinese SKEMA students, and the study path for non-Chinese students going to study at the SKEMA-China campus at Suzhou.


What’s SKEMA Business School?
"It’s a global business school with 7000 students on our international campuses in the three largest regional business markets of Europe, North America and Asia."
SKEMA Business School campus in China?
"The Asian campus is a pillar of SKEMA’s global strategy. The SKEMA campus in China is in Suzhou, not far from Shanghai. It’s our fastest growing campus with 600 students studying there."
Chinese SKEMA student?
"There are many options available to Chinese students coming to study at SKEMA. They can study in any of our international campuses. An attractive option is to be able to spend one or more years in our American or European campuses, or both.

To give an example, the path might involve spending, let’s say, the first year of a Two-Year MSc in International Business, Luxury & Fashion Management, or Entrepreneurship & Innovation on the
Suzhou campus. Then, for the second year of the MSc, the student might continue studying on a campus in France or in the USA - even taking a semester in each country.
There are a lot of options available. Check out the Admissions page to know more."
Advantages for a Chinese student studying with SKEMA?
"SKEMA’s Chinese students boost both their intercultural working capacities and their European language skills. They make international friends and connections that stand them in good stead for their entire careers.

Students tend to get internships and placements with European, American or Chinese companies both in China and overseas.

Recruiters are impressed by any Chinese graduate’s multicultural experiences as a student at SKEMA; recruiters recognise this experience as evidence of their potential to succeed as  a global manager.
SKEMA has an 87% placement rate for graduates - that’s within just four months of finishing their course!"
Why have you decided to come and live in China?
"China’s where things are happening! And I have a passion for China... its rich culture, and authentic Chinese food."


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