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Innovation Academy

​Associate dean of academy: Ludmila Striukova


Sophie Botte, head of executive MS programmes, works in pair with the associate dean of academy to guarantee the dissemination of SKEMA’s Innovation DNA in all teaching and learning activities.

The mission of the Innovation Academy is to cultivate innovators and entrepreneurs ready to leverage disruptive change in all organisations, from the largest to the smallest.


At the Innovation Academy we do not wait for the world to change;

here we make change happen.

In order to accomplish this mission, the Innovation Academy is committed to:

  • Empowering our students with the skills necessary to generate innovations and use these innovations to make our economy more competitive and to transform society

  • Discovering new sustainable business models to create value for both businesses and for society

  • Acting as a hub connecting academics, students, industry and policy makers in order to develop new ways of enabling collaboration between them

  • Becoming entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs who develop and launch ventures that reinvent the way things are done

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