Jean Monnet Chair


A Jean Monnet Chair has been attributed to Dr Gabriele Suder, PhD, Professor of International and European Business at SKEMA Business School.



This award from the European Commission recognizes SKEMA's and Dr Suder’s expertise in the field of European integration and Doing Business in Europe. It is a tribute to the quality of teaching and research.

Faculty and researchJean Monnet chair
 Gabriele Suder is also expert at the EU/European Commission (Lifelong Learning), at UNCTAD (Trade & Investment), and is President of 'Women of The Academy of International Business' at AIB (7000 members).
Dr Suder’s latest textbook in this field is “Doing Business in Europe 2nd edition”, at Sage Publications.
Dr Suder’s latest media publication is "Suzhou helps to bring about a dynamic global market”, Suzhou Daily,  14 Avril 2013..
Her latest academic article  is “Learning and Lobbying: Emerging Market Firms and Corporate Political Activity in Europe”. Co-authored with McGuire, S.M., Lindeque, J.P. (2012) European Journal of International Management 6(2), DOI: 10.1504/EJIM.2010.033037.
Her latest case study publication is "Doing Business in Europe: The Fedex Case" (co-authored), available with its teaching note on ECCH 313-123-1. For the video series that accompanies the 'Doing Business in Europe' cases:
Our latest event: "European integration & its impacts: EU and NAFTA", SKEMA US lectures, October- December 2013, Raleigh, NC, USA, in conjunction with NCSU (CHASS).
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The Jean Monnet programme fosters European knowledge and competence throughout higher education institutions worldwide.  Dr Suder’s activity as Jean Monnet Chair focuses on analyzing corporate Europeanization and how organizations potentially benefit from the Single Market. It also covers the role of the EU in the creation and sustainability of employment, productivity, and economic, political and geopolitical stability. The dissemination of this project is based on the use of innovative pedagogical tools and mobile technology, such as podcasts. 
At SKEMA Business School, the program comprises a range of projects, including
  •     multi-campus teaching and research,
  •     the creation and international diffusion of the knowledge about European integration,
  •     workshops for the general public and economic stakeholders.

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 Faculty and research Jean Monnet chair

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