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SKEMA Ventures framework

SKEMA Ventures: A portfolio of entrepreneurship courses

Since the beginning of 2017, all SKEMA students , whatever programme or campus, participate in events or teaching that stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit. Elective courses, a MOOC, or even entrepreneurial tracks are offered to students who wish to deepen their skills. The MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation, a truly innovative and internationally recognised incubation programme, attracts entrepreneur-students from all over the world.

SKEMA Ventures: Project incubation in the Venture Factory

The Venture Factory is a unique system that accompanies the creation of a business, from idea to acceleration. This system is supported by an in-house team of coaches and a network of partner incubators and accelerators on each of the six SKEMA campuses. The Venture Factory is open to SKEMA's 35,000 alumni who can rely on their school to develop their entrepreneurial venture. 

SKEMA Ventures: a peer-to-peer community – The Venture Family

The Venture Family is a unique feature of the SKEMA Venture Factory, which brings together a peer-to-peer community of students and alumni in the service of entrepreneurship. By joining the SKEMA Venture Family, Master 2 students can help an entrepreneurial project carried out by another student by bringing specific academic expertise (while obtaining ECTS credits for this help).

With SKEMA Ventures, SKEMA Business School offers its students a unique opportunity to be trained in entrepreneurship by taking the best of each territory to acquire a global vision of what is possible. In Paris, Lille, Sophia Antipolis, Suzhou, Raleigh and Belo Horizonte, our ambition is to help our entrepreneur-students imagine and develop these "born glocal" companies: "imagine in Sophia, incubate in Suzhou and accelerate in Raleigh.”


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