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Evolving in an international environment, SKEMA is truly aware of how important it is to offer its students the possibility to have an international experience. Although SKEMA students can be in contact daily with students and professors of different nationalities at School, it appears essential that, during their programme, our students be able to have a study abroad experience in the form of an academic exchange at one of our partner institutions.


Study abroad : SKEMA partner universities



That’s why SKEMA has developed strong relationships with 78 institutions in 40 countries all over the world  (Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia) with the possibility for students to do a Dual Degree at some of them.


SKEMA students can spend a semester or a whole year in one of these institutions and thus enrich their management skills in an international environment and develop their cultural awareness.

An academic exchange is not a holiday abroad: it is an integral part of the study programme at SKEMA. It does not imply longer studies or additional fees, and a student on exchange has to pass all the courses taken at the partner institution in order to validate his academic year for SKEMA.

Who at SKEMA can apply for an exchange? 

All students of the Grande Ecole program can apply to spend a semester or a year in one of our partner institutions. For the 2013-2014 academic year, nearly 300 students from the “Grande Ecole” programs (Master in Management) are doing an academic exchange.


What are the selection criteria? :


Any student wishing to apply for an academic exchange should complete his/her application form directly on SKEMA Business School Intranet in mid February.
The information and procedure are available on the intranet.
The selection takes into account:
- the academic level of the student (GPA)
- the foreign language skills
- the general behaviour of the student and his/her implication within the School

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