International development

SKEMA BUSINESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS AND PARTNERSHIPSSKEMA international orientation is significant through its global accreditations,

the international dimension of its programmes and its research, its partnership wit



reign universities, the composition of its student and faculty bodies, and the wide array of work opportunities abroad.



SKEMA has established programmes delivering a truly global management education.
SKEMA has established more than 100 international agreements all over the world for its Business Management Programmes. In the different programmes, Students are also encouraged to study abroad within the framework of Erasmus + (Erasmus mobility) or according to bilateral agreements, and expected to work in a foreign country during their internships, gap year, or after graduation.


SKEMA has signed more than 100 international agreements with foreign universities to encourage student and faculty mobility, develop research, create joint programme or double diplomas.



Most researchers actively participate to seminars throughout the world and publish in international academic journals.
Every year, the Schools set up an international workshop and a doctoral seminar in Project Management. This event gathers experts, researchers, students, and companies from all over the world.

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