MSc Global Luxury Management: the director discusses this new MSc


In this interview, Ivan Coste, director of the MSc Global Luxury Management, discusses the strong points of the course, what makes it different to the MSc Luxury & Fashion Management, the campus locations, and why it was decided to open this MSc. 

Pictured: Ivan Coste, on left, recieving an award for his teaching
What are the strong points of this new MSc?
The mind-set is 100% professional, with more than 80% of the lecturers professionals themselves (CEOs/CMOs).
The network expanding opportunities are great thanks to the open minded professionals who help out students to make important contacts in the field. This network provides graduates with jobs through: friendly networking during courses, professional fairs, PR events and meetings.
How’s your MSc different to the MSc Luxury Fashion Management?
The MSc Global Luxury Management has a practical, hands-on aspect with real machines in front of the students. And this is really hands on! To give some examples: students learn how to modify the looming process, they do injection moulding to, for example, create the shape of high heels, they make fully waterproof silk, they produce the material for a fully non-iron cotton shirt.
Prototype production and sampling (thanks to the amazing resources provided by the College of Textiles) can be realized.  
Pictured: the NC State campus
Furthermore, many American market-leading companies sponsor the College of Textiles, strengthening numerous practical, working relationships.
The MSc Global Luxury Management is more technical and a bit more emphasised on fashion. This is a reflection of the state of affairs in American luxury and fashion. In America, the luxury brands are closer to fashion, think of A&F, Aero Postal, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan… See what I mean?
Why has this new MSc been opened?
Because the opportunity to create a partnership for a luxury management MSc designed by both SKEMA and NCSU was too good an opportunity to miss. SKEMA’s track record with the MSc Luxury & Fashion Management is already well-established; combining that with North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management, in collaboration with NC State’s College of Textiles, makes it the perfect partnership for students interested in working in the exciting luxury, fashion and management areas.
NC State’s Poole College of Management with NC State’s College of Textiles brings all the wonderful technical devices, tools, implementations and technical savoir faire that have been developed over more than one hundred years by the College of Textiles. 
This new MSc also harnesses the know-how and expertise found in France, bastion of luxury for centuries, and the blooming American luxury and fashion industry. Some great companies are also involved too, supplying guest speakers as well as networking opportunities.
Why have you chosen the campus locations for the multi-national MSc Global Luxury Management?
North Carolina / the Research Triangle Park at Raleigh may be considered one of the very hottest locations in the USA for this kind of activity. So the choice of locations has been easy to make.
The SKEMA campus in North Carolina is already fast taking off and there are now productive collaborations with the College of Textiles professors, and the many professionals there. And the French SKEMA campus on the Riviera is ideally located in the old Europe heartland where luxury management is home to some of the world’s most recognised brands and luxury groups.
And as you mention in the question, it’s a multi-national MSc. Students wishing to work in this area will need to prove their multi-cultural experience and capacities to employers. This MSc’s very multi- cultural nature will demonstrate that easily.


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