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For their Digital Marketing year-round professional project, this MSc Digital Marketing project group is working with a local French Riviera-based artist, Nadège Pagès, in order to build her reputation and to develop her commercial activity. In EcoLogicArt, the organisation she created, Nadège Pagès only uses salvaged materials to build bio-ethnic sculptures.


(Pictured: the artist, on the right, with students)


Nadège Pagès contacted SKEMA Business School for this project because she wanted consulting advice in marketing and communication and needed support to manage her business.

On this project, eight students are working as junior consultants on the development of her activity by increasing her online and offline reputation and organising or participating at various events.

During the first semester, the MSc Digital Marketing students analysed the art market, getting closely involved in the art world. They identified stakeholders, set up the plan, carried out benchmarking, analysed the internal and external environment using a strategic analysis, implemented a survey and built a communication plan for the next semester.

The second part of the project will be much more operational. The aim is to create a unique and recognizable profile that will be consistent throughout all the different communication media. Students will work on the artist’s existing website, as well as her Facebook page and other social network profiles, open a YouTube channel to share some tips, create and design a newsletter... They will also work on the creation of flyers and sales files, contact the specialized press and reactivate her network. 

Students are working on the project, promoting EcoLogicArt with a variety of project management and web-marketing techniques, using what they have been taught in classes. (This project is representative of the kind of project MSc Digital Marketing students work on every year.)

Four teacher-coaches are accompanying and guiding the students throughout the year, they are mostly professional consultants or CEOs. Coaching sessions help students through the main phases of the project and assure their growing professionalism so that they will be fully prepared for the professional world that awaits them as graduates. This is the kind of experience that recruiting companies are very interested to hear about.





Written by: Claire Laverre, MSc Digital Marketing student


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