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​The first comprehensive degree in digital ​business in Europe ​
This MSc is a CGE-accredited, full-time course, taught in English at the Sophia Antipolis campus.
September intake

The MSc Digital Business won the SMBG Innovation Award​ in March 2015
Who can apply?
As a one-year MSc: holders of four-year degrees
As a two-year MSc: holders of three-year degrees (more info)

This programme was conceived by top executives in the industry who noticed the fast increase in demand (and the severe shortage in supply) of graduates with proper understanding of the digital transformation of the global labour market.

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Programme ou​tline

All companies use the internet to complement and sometimes transform traditional channels of business activity. Marketing, production, strategic planning, etc. have all been transformed by use of the internet to collect data, distribute products and provide services.
This MSc is a multidisciplinary programme combining the fields of strategy, economics, marketing and information systems. It provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a data-rich digital environment.
The programme has been developed in close collaboration with top-level firms from industry and consulting, who are among the principal future employees of our students.
The MSc Digital Business curriculum is adapted yearly in order to meet the requirements of the market. All coursework is tailored to emphasise the nature of digitisation and its implications for data collection, analysis and decision-making.
Students will participate in year-long group projects that allow them to apply this training to real-world, data-intensive cases.

Application of knowle​​dge

The MSc Digital Business places equal importance on academic rigour and equipping students with valuable practical skills. On top of the courses in the areas of strategy, economics, marketing and information systems, each student is required to work-on a year-long applied project from a variety of business areas.

Designed by

The academic content for the MSc in Digital Business has been designed by SKEMA’s leading faculty in close collaboration with experts from industry leaders, including: Capgemini, Facebook, AXA and IBM.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the topics and industries highlighted by the programme? Follow Zakaria Babutsidze (his webpage)​, the academic director of the programme, on twitter - @babutsidze ​and subscribe to the free online newspaper "Digital Business Weekly" he edits for the students of the MSc in Digital Business.
If you want to know more about specificities of the programme and/or want to discuss whether this particular programme is a good match for you, contact him via e-mail​

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