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SKEMA's Bachelor in Global Management provides you with a solid basis of skills and the knowledge that will open your way to an international career!

A bachelor’s degree is the most widely recognised post high-school diploma in the world.
In many countries, a bachelor’s degree is delivered four years after graduating from high school.
It is recognised by international firms as a standard for job market entry; it is also the gateway to higher education and qualifications such as a master of science. 

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The learning path created by SKEMA Bachelors is centred around four dimensions which are major assets for your future employability 

Bachelor in Global Management - the academicTeaching and learning at SKEMA Bachelor is a student-centred system which we have adapted for those wishing to study, live and work in English, whatever their native language.
The professors are all experts or professionals in their chosen area. They have international backgrounds and often speak several languages amongst which are English and French. Teachers are easily accessible and always ready to listen to students. At SKEMA Bachelor, the student-professor relationship is one of mutual exchange.
Bachelor in Global Management - the internationalSKEMA Bachelor is committed to training future professionals with international profiles, able to work in a global, complex and changing environment. This is why students are required to have international experience before graduating. This may take the form of a traditional six-month academic exchange, up to a two-year course of study abroad at a partner university resulting in two or three degrees. SKEMA Business School is the only French school with its own campus in the United States.
The Chinese and Amercian SKEMA campuses offer students the opportunity to explore the world within a secure SKEMA framework.  
Bachelor in Global Management - personal dimensionThe SKEMA Bachelor way of learning is based on the flexible and individualised adaptability of the course of study.
Students are able to choose optional subjects, decide the most appropriate timing for studying certain subjects and determine the number of hours of class they have each semester. They are strongly encouraged to take part in one of the 65 student societies.  
Bachelor in Global Management - the professional dimensionWe are committed to giving students a head start in their professional lives.
Mandatory internships, seminars on the world of work, academic projects and group work are all examples of opportunities to give students concrete experience of the challenges and rewards of professional life.
The practical application of knowledge is given priority throughout students' education. The objective is always to prepare students to be operationally capable in a professional context by the time they finish their studies at SKEMA Bachelor.
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