MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation testimonials

On this page: written testimonials from graduates and students as well as video clips of students discussing the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Pavel Nekhaitchik, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation student, 2012-13









Olena Tybinka, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation student, 2012-13








Edouard Le Goff, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation student, 2012-13


Most of these testimonials below were provided at the end of the students' year of studies, around April / May

Aarti Borole, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2014-15

"This master course was very attractive especially because of the learning experience with international students; the work in multicultural teams added a lot of value.
The networking opportunities during the year were tremendous, including entrepreneurial meetings, alumni meetings and the start up contest.
The programme is built in such a way that you can work on different aspects of particular projects or business studies throughout the year. The understanding of this is made better by working on various case studies and real company projects. The availability and involvement of teachers is highly appreciated.
Presently, I am launching my own business called Optical Coating Technologies based on thin film coatings for lenses used in defence, electronics or optical equipment. So far, we have finalised the location, I'm now dealing with suppliers for machinery."

Nicolas Baldacchino, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2013-14

“The MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides all the background knowledge and theory as well as really practical tools that we are now able to use in work. The mix between theory and practice (active learning) is fundamental in the understanding of the economic environment and will help us avoid making crucial mistakes in our future projects.
I really appreciated the involvement of all the teachers in our understanding of the subjects. Also they were all very available for us, be that for personal issues, job searching or start-up development.
If you want to create your business or help other businesses develop their activities, this MSc is for you.
I'm now doing my internship at MBD consulting, a consulting firm specialised in marketing and business development, in charge of strategy and marketing.”

Marjorie Limacher, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2012-13

“This has been the most exciting year of my studies. I got exactly what I was looking for: a perfect mix of theory and pragmatism. We had the opportunity to work on our personal project and to develop it all year long.
The team of experienced teachers was highly available to help us with any concerns we might have.
It was also an incredible international experience. I did the first semester in Sophia Antipolis in France, where half of the class was made of non-French students. I then went on the Chinese campus in Suzhou, China, where most teachers were Chinese. This dynamic environment helped me to adopt the right behaviour while dealing with various cultures. Adaptation and comprehensive observation are key competences for any entrepreneur who wants to understand market needs!
This programme helped me to reach a certain level of self-confidence. As a result, my team and I got selected to go to the semi-final of the Bangkok Business Game in Thailand. We had to defend our project in front of potential investors. We won prizes in two categories. It was an amazing and enriching experience!
I’ve already got a permanent job. It's in Hong Kong, I’ll be working as a business development manager for a company called Dining Concepts Ltd.”

Fanny Havas, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2012-13

“Before starting the master, I had 13 months’ professional experience in the world of start-ups and I had huge expectations for this last year of study.

The MSc has more than fulfilled my expectations, it has empowered me so much that now I feel confident in building new innovative concepts in business and implementing them in my professional life.

This programme excels for a lot of reasons. Firstly, for the quality of the professors: they are closely linked to the reality of the actual work. The teachers have such understanding and experience in the application of theoretical concepts that they can teach you in a way you can’t find anywhere else.
Secondly, the MSc gives you the means to create your own projects and understand the key challenges of launching new opportunities.

Thirdly, the master attracts a lot of international students. And don’t forget: the MSc also takes place in Suzhou, China. This cultural openness, with tons of great and interesting people, has had an amazing effect on my personal experience.

I’m now leading the EuropeSense Tour, created by MakeSense. This project is a three-month trip to more than 20 countries in Europe to meet social entrepreneurs and kick start the movement of helping entrepreneurs there.”

Tim Levicki, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2011-12

“When I began my MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation , I had an idea for launching my own business. Equally, I considered returning to my domain of experience – flavour commercialisation.

The course is a great balance between theory and practice, from classical scholarly studies to face-to-face meetings and working projects with entrepreneurs in Sophia Antipolis, world renowned as an area of innovation.

Students from our year were provided with the requisite tools to start our own firms and it is evident that this year's alumni will go on to achieve international success.

I was able to enhance my sales skills with certain modules, such as Solution Selling and Entrepreneurial Finance as well as my soft skills particularly communication. As the axiom "it's not what you know, but who you know" suggests, networking is vital in business. Our MSc put us in touch with entrepreneurs, who had already founded their own ventures, and business coaches.

Within weeks of completing my studies I took on a job in a senior commercial role as area manager for Middle East & Africa at Rudolf Wild, a German firm in the food industry. I was able to utilise my new and augmented skills – intrapreneurship, negotiation, strategy, etc. immediately.

Although the course can be used to help start your own enterprise, I found it really good for my career path choice of working in a huge company with a 1bn$ turnover.”



Paulina Jimenez Quintana, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation

“The MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation provides all the academic and practical content for those who want to create innovative and efficient solutions that can transform society and improve quality of life for all.
I entered this MSc to better perform in my current position as project manager at the World Trade Center in Mexico, to contribute with knowledge sharing and a deeper insight into innovation. This master provided me not only with the right tools to start a sustainable business but also with a lot of experience that made me understand the challenge of being a change-maker. This was due to the richness of its programmes, the know-how gained, as well as the global perspective given to implement strategic change at a local level in a business environment.
I really appreciated the professors’ support throughout the year and the strong professional network provided. The widespread international environment in SKEMA makes this experience interesting and unique. Entrepreneurship is the future!
In parallel with my work at the World Trade Center, I will start a business for sustainable SMEs: a technological platform for collaborative consumption for SMEs in Mexico, drawing on the expertise of all the contacts we have in the WTC."




Yves-Alain Pougue Pougue, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation

“On the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation I became responsible for the school’s start-up incubator that is available for students who are starting their own businesses.  Looking after the incubator was a rich and unique experience that gave me the opportunity to follow innovative projects initiated by SKEMA students and to be in contact with SKEMA alumni entrepreneurs who had already launched their own businesses.
I was also part of the Esperanza society (one of SKEMA’s 65 student societies), in which I contributed to a project in Cameroon: a humanitarian project whose purpose is to improve a primary school located in the centre of the country.  My Esperanza membership allowed me to quickly settle in to SKEMA and to make friends.
At the end of my time at SKEMA, I had many opportunities to choose from. In the end, I decided to join Microsoft Services in France, where I began as an intern before being employed under a fixed term contract.
I’ve been working as a project management officer (PMO) on Microsoft Services' most important project at the Banque de France. My responsibilities were quickly broadened to include the management of the Microsoft Services' PMO unit."



Jessica Gonzalez, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2010-11

“Studying the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation was one of the best professional choices I have ever made. This master provided us with the right tools and skills required to be more confident and to become entrepreneurs.
The international cultural mix in the classroom was also a plus that gave us a global business mind-set.
At the end of my studies, I was offered an internship for an enterprise located in Silicon Valley dealing with entrepreneurial ventures. However, I turned this opportunity down for an even more exciting career path: two of my colleagues, one from Norway and another from France, and myself are setting up our own startup company in ecological products in France. Right away we are going from theory into an exciting business venture of our own.”

Hanne Nyborg Abrahamsen, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2009-10

"Before coming to SKEMA I graduated from the Norwegian School of Management, with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. During that time I also studied Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of California Berkeley and it was there that I developed an interest for this field.
SKEMA’s MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation is very diverse and you learn about innovation and entrepreneurship from different perspectives and domains. Ecosystem of Innovation and New Ventures and Business Plan are courses I found particularly useful.
The professors are experts in their fields and really challenge every student.
There was also a variety of other professors each with their own field of expertise, as well as the guest lecturers from companies that offered different perspectives on topics.
There was a good group of students in the class as well, making a good atmosphere for learning.
Besides classes, SKEMA has a lot of student societies and clubs that organise a wide range of activities and social gatherings, I myself joined the Extrem club, and we had a lot of fun. In addition you can do different sports; last semester I did sailing; this week I was part of SKEMA’s handball team, playing the Grand Ecole champonship, we took bronze!
The location of the school is perfect; you can be at the beach and in the mountains on the same day!"

Clément, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation  2009-10

"It’s been intensive. I’ve really liked the experience of learning on the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation. It’s a great course.
This MSc has made me aware of all the issues relevant to both entrepreneurship and innovation.
The teachers have been excellent and we also had some great guest speakers: entrepreneurs, venture capitalists…
We got the right balance of theory and practical application. One of the applications we did was an audit of IBM La Gaude. We audited their portfolio of technologies in the STG Labservices Sales and Marketing department. At the end of the audit we made recommendations to IBM based on our analysis. And in the Business Plan course we had to come up with our own business plan for our own business idea. That was hard work but very useful practice for us.
I really enjoyed the courses Eco-System of Innovation, and Marketing of Innovation. Marketing an innovation can be very tricky because it’ll be a new product with no specific target consumer and no established marketing method.
I chose this MSc, we –the MSc E&I students– chose this MSc because we’re creative, we want to build something, and we’re going to build something. This MSc has provided us with the tools and knowledge to create and innovate in the market place with a new product or a new business idea.
In a few years, I’ll manage innovative projects for a company or maybe I will create my own business.
I have secured a permanent position as a digital product manager in London."

Julie Rabehi, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2009-10

"I’ve really liked the MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation here at SKEMA. The classes have been perfect.
In the first semester we focussed on the eco-system of innovation: the environment in which an innovation will have to succeed. That involved looking at all the players involved in bringing an innovation to market.
In the second semester we focussed more on entrepreneurship: we constructed a business plan for our own project, we learned how to do a business model for a company. This is precious knowledge –along with its practical application– that I’ll be able to apply to my professional life immediately, and later when I start my own business.
We’ve had a lot of fascinating guest speakers and guest teachers who have come to give classes too. There have been seasoned entrepreneurs here, as well as experts in innovation.
The SKEMA professors have been available to us, to help us. This is really important. They have been available to us outside of class time, to help us with our own professional projects.
I’m going to do my internship with an import-export company in China. I’m already thinking about starting my own company in China after the internship; I think the MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation has provided me with all the tools I need to do that."

Martin Borne, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation 2009-10

"I would strongly recommend this MSc. The MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation is the perfect Master for someone who wants to set up his own company, and also for someone who wants to manage innovation.
We learned about the processes for managing innovation, we learned about the eco-system of innovation.
The interaction with the teachers has been great. They’ve always been available for feedback and advice; they even give individualised help to us regarding our professional plans.
We’ve had some fantastic guest speakers too. Experts in innovation and entrepreneurship have come to give class here.
In one course with Prof. Rogosin, we had a series of videoconferences with professionals; one of these was a conference with Bill Liao, the founder of, the online professional networking site.
I am going to set up my own company. My dissertation is devoted to the setting up of my business and its business plan. My company will be in real estate."

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