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Our career Opportunities

SKEMA has always been considered as a leadership school training decision-makers, pioneers in the knowledge economy everywhere in the world. Today, SKEMA continues its amazing development with the creation of numerous campuses all over the world.Skema Buiseness School Our career opportunites
That is the reason why the school has to be at the cutting edge of innovation, especially in the academic field.
To train the most talented managers of tomorrow’s world, SKEMA needs the skills of women and men who best represent / convey the school’s values: academic excellence, humanism and multiculturalism.
With several campuses in France and in the world, SKEMA offers rich career opportunities and a pioneering international careers project.
Assistant RH H/F - alternanceAdministratifSophia Antipolis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Assistant / Associate Professor in Marketing ProfesseurSuzhou (China)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Assistant Professor of AccountingProfesseurRaleigh NC (USA)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Responsables de programmesAdministratifTous campusDownloadCandidater/Apply
Assistant coordinateur admissions (H/F) / stage AdministratifSophia Antipolis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Coordinateur pédagogique (H/F)AdministratifSophia Antipolis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Juriste/ Veilleur (H/F)AdministratifSophia Antipolis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Stage - Mission LogementAdministratifLille (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Stage Assistant Relations Entreprises (H/F)AdministratifParis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Executive Assistant - US campusAdministratifRaleigh NC (USA)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Coordinateur vie associative et étudiante (H/F)AdministratifLille (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Assistant Professor in strategy (M/W)ProfesseurLille (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Coordinateur pédagogique et commercial (H/F)AdministratifParis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Position in Strategy - Assistant professorProfesseurLille (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Gestionnaire Logement (H/F) - stageAdministratifSophia Antipolis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Directeur Student Office (H/F)AdministratifParis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Credit Manager (H/F) AdministratifTous campusDownloadCandidater/Apply
Poste à pourvoir sur le campus de Lille ou de Sophia-Antipolis
Directeur Corporate (H/F)AdministratifParis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Position in accounting, auditing and management control (H/F)ProfesseurParis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Responsable Ressources Humaines (H/F)AdministratifParis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Academic Programs CoordinatorAdministratifRaleigh NC (USA)DownloadCandidater/Apply
Coordinateur admissions Bachelors H/FAdministratifSophia Antipolis (France)DownloadCandidater/Apply

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