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Christophe Bisson to participate in Earth System Predictability Forum

Published on 06 April 2023

Christophe Bisson, director of the MSc International Strategy & Influence programme at SKEMA, will be part of a committee of 100 international scientists and experts at the upcoming Earth System Predictability (ESP) Forum. This event, taking place from May 8 to 10, is a three-day virtual forum. Led by Trillium Technologies, in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) Phi Lab and the University of Oxford, it aims to illustrate how AI can be used to inform leaders' decision-making as the world transitions to a warmer climate, by setting out a roadmap.

At the forum, Christophe Bisson will discuss "How to use machine learning for sustainability purposes." He will be alongside well-known experts from renowned institutions such as MIT and ESA. Christophe Bisson's participation in this event is a testament to his commitment to sustainability-focused initiatives and the importance of AI, machine learning, and data utilisation for informed decision-making in complex systems (like the innovative augmented intelligence platform he has developed for systemic and thus 360-degree strategy) regarding climate change. 

As the director of the MSc International Strategy & Influence programme, Christophe Bisson will be integrated into this think tank during the forum.

What is the purpose of the ESP Foru​m?

How can we anticipate, predict, and support the ecological and environmental transition? The goal of the ESP Forum is clear: to build a roadmap for an ambitious future where leaders are guided in their choices by data and artificial intelligence. 

By bringing together the global community of experts in Earth Operation (EO), AI, and decision intelligence (DI), the forum aims to accelerate understanding of how AI's predictive capabilities can become more accessible to decision-makers, all in support of climate resilience.


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