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ESDHEM Apprenticeship: practice interviews in Paris

Published on 08 April 2019

Practice interviews for the ‘Admissions Sur Titre’ (AST) competition for elite business schools were organised at the end of March for 97 third-year students of the management apprenticeship course at SKEMA’s Paris campus.

​The aim was to prepare these future candidates for the competition’s oral exams – the tough interview and the English exam. This was done through practice interviews’ simulations.

Rehearsals for the competition were as realistic as possible, which required well-oiled organisation and the voluntary participation of the judges (12 for the English exam and 18 for the interview) comprising professional partners, ESDHEM graduates, master's apprentices and professors from SKEMA.
Their role during the interview was to grade candidates using a table based on several criteria relating to their non-academic qualities.

The practice interviews are a significant yearly event and an important factor for our students’ success. Last year, 80% were successful at the SKEMA orals and we ended the year with over a 90% success rate at the competition at the national level, including more than 30% in the top 12 schools. The mock practice sessions are a major area of focus for our students and our school,” said Abdellatif El Mamouni, who is in charge of the programme. “I extend huge thanks to all the judges, to my colleagues in Paris, to Jeremy Levin for the English team, and to Shérazade Trifi who coordinates the programme and helped with the logistical arrangements in the morning,” he added.

A second mock session is due to take place on 11 May to allow students to take advantage of the advice and encouragement.

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