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Good Morning VR: Virtual reality at SKEMA Lab

Published on 09 December 2022

Every Wednesday, students from SKEMA Business School are invited to a virtual reality session on the Grand Paris campus to familiarise themselves with this new technology. The aim is to prepare for the digital changes in the professional world and higher education in the future.

​No, virtual reality headsets aren't just for playing video games. 

The scope of this new technology is diverse and the number of software products is increasing rapidly. To respond to this evolution and allow learners to become familiar with this tool, the Innovation and Learner Experience (DILE) department offers students and collaborators the opportunity to test applications at SKEMA Lab, with the help of Denys Giordano, digital project manager at SKEMA and coordinator of this initiative.


Virtual reality experiences


"A large proportion of students and collaborators have never worn a VR headset in their lives. It is therefore our responsibility to make this equipment accessible and promote how this technology can be used in incredible ways. Whether it's in our professional or personal lives, we will all have virtual reality experiences," says Denys Giordano, the organiser of Good Morning VR.


Virtual reality and its multiple applications


Promoting a tourist destination, simulating a job interview, carrying out scientific experiments, learning to revive a person, practising a new language, or carrying out a remote brainstorming session, there is no lack of use cases of VR. "Irrespective of the theme (sustainable development, medicine, security, well-being, logistics, marketing, etc.), the benefits to be learned from the VR experience will always be the same: to make the distance between people disappear, solve the problem of access to resources (furniture, equipment, raw materials), drastically reduce the costs of experimentation, and make it possible to take risks through very realistic but secure simulations."


Want to join the next Good Morning VR session? Visit SKEMA Learn to access the full agenda.

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