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The LinkedIn Alliance, "A network for all", publishes white paper

Published on 30 January 2023

The LinkedIn Alliance "A network for all", of which SKEMA is a higher education institution partner, has published a new white paper on "What if one meeting could change a professional life?”. Pascale Viala, director of SKEMA’s Corporate Office, is one of the contributors of the paper.

The LinkedIn Alliance helps students, and more generally, jobseekers, to build a strong professional network. This initiative's objective is to sweep aside social and cultural inequalities to facilitate meetings, networking and job search. How can a meeting change your life? Read this article to find out.

Social media: a vital asset

It's a fact: social media platforms are extremely effective when it comes to finding job vacancies. This has been proven in the research by Professor Michel Ferrary, lecturer and researcher at SKEMA, who asserts that: "The less information on job opportunities is publicly available, the more people will turn to social media to find this information." He adds: "Social media can also influence people's choices as to whether or not to accept economic conditions and professional opportunities."

Building a strong professional network

Having a large network of diverse connections is one of the most effective ways to get a job or enter the professional world. In all, "46% of French people with a well-developed professional network believe they have advanced more easily thanks to their contacts," reveals the white paper. 

Based on this observation, it seems that having a solid professional network is an asset students should never underestimate. "The notion of network inequality and the need to reduce it is crucial for nearly all students," says Pascale Viala, director of the Corporate Office at SKEMA. 

Students: join the Alliance

SKEMA students have a strong interest in utilising the workshops, webinars, resources, and tools put in place by the LinkedIn Alliance to advance their career plans and finding job opportunities through LinkedIn. If they decide to join the programme, they will also have the opportunity to benefit from a mentoring programme.

If you are keen on spending some time to contribute to a noble cause, visit the LinkedIn Alliance "A network for all" page.

Read the white paper

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