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SKEMA BBA - application interview guide


​Some tips for a success​ful interview

The application interview is the last step of the admissions process . This interview aims to understand your reasons for applying, your career goals and your openness to the world today.
To give you the best possible chance of doing well at the interview, we’ve got this handy guide for application interview success.​
  • The week before your interview, take an expanded interest in international affairs and news. Read the newspaper, surf the web, etc. ...

  • Go over the answers you gave on the application form. In fact, these answers are often the starting point of the interview. Make some notes

  • Practice and rehearse the interview with a friend.

  • The day before: relax a bit.


If your interview is on campus...
  • Wear appropriate and smart clothes. We only have one chance to make a good first impression.

  • Prepare your ID card / passport and invitation to the interview.

  • Double check the transport time tables and travel times.

  • Get directions for finding your way around Sophia Antipolis.

  • Oh... and get a good night's sleep the night before!


If your interview is by phone...
  • Prepare the room where your interview will take place: a room where you can talk freely without being disturbed.

  • Be sure to be alone during the interview. There must be no assistance from a third party.

  • Organising and preparing your ideas beforehand is important, but be careful not to read from a text during the interview. The interviewer will not appreciate it.


The day of the interview

  • Interview on campus: get to the SKEMA reception 15 minutes in advance, so you’ve got time to gather yourself.

  • Interview by phone: turn off any distractions (TV, mobile phone etc), make sure others in the house know about your interview, tell them not to disturb you.


 Be confident

  • Focus on your strengths: Know your strengths and identify your weaknesses.

  • Be able to justify your choice of studies and specialisations.

  • Demonstrate your interest in the world around you.

  • Be convincing when you talk about your career plans or goals.

  • Answer questions using examples or experiences.

  • Control your emotions.

  • Be practical, enthusiastic and demonstrate your commitment.


  • Remain cheerful: this is an essential detail that will demonstrate your enthusiasm and dynamism.

  • Choose appropriate vocabulary, (avoid colloquialisms).

  • Do not hesitate to ask questions, it will show your interest in the programme or school.

  • Provide open-ended responses, this will open the debate and facilitate discussion.

  • Accentuate the positive: prepare answers highlighting the positives of a negative situation (example: if you had to re-sit a class, highlight the benefits and advantages of this experience.)


​Example questions
  • Could you introduce yourself?

  • Why did you choose SKEMA​?

  • What specialisation would you like to do?

  • How will the specialisation help you achieve your goals?

  • What are your passions, your hobbies?

  • Have you travelled? What aspects of culture struck you when you were abroad?

  • In which of our partner universities are you interested?

  • What news stories have caught your attention recently?

  • Any questions?

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