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The spirit of SKEMA Ventures

​​​​​​SKEMA Ventures is the entrepreneurship incubator-accelerator of SKEMA Business School. Dedicated to impact entrepreneurship, its objective is to help the school's students and alumni fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams. It provides them with support to think, design, test and launch a business project in a global context, at the different campuses of SKEMA across the world.

"At SKEMA, we are convinced that responsible growth and creation of wealth in our societies and territories require the invention of new paradigms. We consider that an entrepreneur is an innovator-transformer — one who innovates and acts to transform industries, organisations, and, more broadly, society. As a reflection of this, an increasing number of students are considering creating innovative companies or activities as a professional option. To support them, SKEMA Ventures offers a unique value chain based on the Teaching-Coaching-Community model, which is customised for each campus."

- Phillippe Chereau, director, SKEMA Ventures

About SKEMA Ventures

​​​​The Venture Family​

A community of experts around the world

The Venture Family is a unique feature of The Venture Factory, which brings together a learning community made up of SKEMA faculty, the alumni community, partners of each local ecosystem and the peer-to-peer community of SKEMA students. This community operates in real-time cooperative mode. In doing so, it draws on individual and collective experiences built from each entrepreneurial project.

A plethora of resources

The SKEMA Ventures blog is the digital medium for sharing this knowledge.

To learn more about the tools provided by SKEMA Ventures, the success stories of startups supported by the incubator, the latest news and events, and more, visit the SKEMA Ventures blog.

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The Venture Factory

The Venture Factory of SKEMA Ventures is a unique incubation system that helps SKEMA students and alumni in the creation of their startup and provides support from the "idea stage" to the startup's launch and acceleration. It is supported by an in-house team of coaches, the Venture Family and a network of partner incubators and accelerators on each of SKEMA's campuses across the world.

While all SKEMA students and alumni are eligible to apply for incubation, everyone is required to follow the incubation guidelines.

Read the incubation guidelines


SKEMA Ventures strongly believes in mentoring and peer-to-peer support. If the project is accepted for incubation, a referent coach is assigned, who accompanies the project holder(s) to achieve their objectives. This coach also coordinates with the other coaches of The Venture Factory. The incubation period may extend for up to 18 to 24 months.

SKEMA Alumni present in different territories also provide incubated projects with additional support. They share their expertise and experience with the project holders, help them understand local contingencies and access local markets.

Apply for incubation to benefit from the expertise of SKEMA Ventures' coaches and entrepreneurship experts. ​​


The Venture Factory


Key events​​​

SKEMA Ventures organises several key events throughout the year. These include:

Startup Kafe

A "happy hour" event organised by SKEMA Ventures where students can present their business ideas in a friendly, conducive environment or simply listen to the pitches of other students. It is a good opportunity to look for business partners, guidance, etc., and network.

Bootstrap workshop

An event to help participants better define their business plan and move closer towards the development phase. During the workshop, SKEMA Ventures coaches help participants to design an attractive value proposition for the business idea, identify the right business model, and practice how to pitch, etc.

Bootcamp workshop

Specifically aimed at entrepreneurs whose project is quite developed and ready to be launched. It is also dedicated to students and alumni entrepreneurs who have already created or are about to launch their startups and wish to prepare for a professional presentation of their projects to potential partners, investors, and clients. ​

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