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Research & Knowledge Transfer

​The Department for Research and Knowledge Transfer was initiated in 2018 to highlight SKEMA scientific and pedagogical expertise, deliver the priorities under the SKY25 strategy and further contribute to ongoing debate and engagement in the social, societal, economic, and environmental transformations prevailing more than ever. 

Accordingly, the Department aims to operate activities, projects and launch initiatives to contribute to academic excellence, reinforce and promote knowledge transfer, improve collaboration and exploitation of results. The Department is structured with 3 primary activities as follows:

Grant Office Pre- and Post-Award 
Development and management to eventual valorisation with the various actors of competitive proposals responding to calls for proposals from a public or private funding agency or organisation.  

Development of Academic and Professional Partnerships 
Development of academic and professional partnerships to enhance socio-economic impact with public or private stakeholders in various ecosystems and clusters. Partnerships may range from contractual to collaborative research, academic sponsorships to structured partnerships.   

Dissemination Activities
Dissemination and showcasing of SKEMA expertise with multiple stakeholders in various forms and formats to diverse audiences and end-users to raise impact.

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