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MSc international destinations

​An international experience is an important factor for SKEMA students. As well as the academic or professional enrichment that an experience abroad provides, this experience is also proof for future employers of the openness and adaptability of SKEMA graduates.

MSc students have access to our international campuses in China (Suzhou), in the United States (Raleigh), in Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and in South Africa (Stellenbosch) where they are completely immersed in the local culture with access to local infrastructures such as sport centres, student associations etc.

Get more information on our MSc programmes offered in Suzhou, RaleighBelo Horizonte and Stellenbosch.

Students carrying out a two-year MSc also have the possibility to spend one semester or one year during their first year at SKEMA in Suzhou, Raleigh, Belo Horizonte or in Stellenbosch

The choice of campus is made when applying to SKEMA Business School.

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