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ERASMUS + programme

​​This programme is co-financed by the European Commission.


Erasmus + International strategy statement​

SKEMA’s Erasmus + International Strategy (in French)

The Erasmus + charter that SKEMA has signed


Most of our European partners are part of the Erasmus + programme. This enables Grande Ecole or BBA programme students to undertake an academic exchange recognized by SKEMA Business School.

The Erasmus + programme enables students to undertake several Erasmus + mobility sessions (internships and study periods) on condition that these do not exceed 12 months over a whole study cycle.


Erasmus + mobility must take place in an EU country excluding France and the student's home country.

The Erasmus + programme provides students with an online language assessment EU Academy in the main language of instruction during the exchange semester.


Recognition of mobility

Mobility periods obtain full academic recognition on condition that all exams in the study contract are passed. SKEMA Business School recognizes and transfers the ECTS credits acquired in the host institution.

Erasmus + partners of SKEMA Business School

  • Students going on academic mobility for one semester, can receive a financial allowance for 3 months.

  • Students going on academic mobility for one academic year (two semesters), can receive a financial allowance for 6 months.​

Rates applicable for 2023-2024 for Outgoing Academic Exchange Mobility​ :

Digitalization of the Learning Agreement

As part of the European Student Card Initiative and the efforts to promote environmentally-friendly practices in Erasmus+, Learning Agreements are switching from a paper format to a digital format.

For student mobility for studies, the Online Learning Agreement is becoming the standard, in line with the European Student Card Initiative. The OLA should detail the learning outcomes that will contribute to the student's degree upon successful completion of the study programme abroad.


Erasmus+ App

The Erasmus+ App is owned and funded by the European Commission.

The Erasmus+ App has been developed under the 30 Years of Erasmus Campaign and is being further enhanced as part of the European Student Card Initiative. The aim of the application is to become the single point of entry for participants to access information on Erasmus+ opportunities, as well as to guide them through the processes surrounding their mobility and give them access to information and services.

Discover the ERASMUS+ APP :​​



To apply to the Erasmus grant for your internship, you must meet certain conditions:

  • You must do your internship in a European country (Monaco, Andorra and French DROM-COM are not eligible).

  • Your mobility must last at least 60 days.

  • You have to send your application form and all required documents to our service before the start of your mobility.

  • You can't be under Erasmus contract for more than 12 months during your curriculum (internship and academic mobilities included, paid and unpaid months included). As a reminder, a curriculum = licence or master or PhD

  • You have to be a SKEMA student (administrative file completed, study fees paid, etc.)​

How to apply ?

To apply, you must send the following documents by e-mail to before the start of your mobility :

  • Application form fully completed and signed by you and your company

  • A copy of your valid ID

  • A copy of your European health assurance card which must be valid for all the duration of the mobility

  • Your internship agreement signed by the company, SKEMA and you

  • Your bank details

  • Proof that you have workplace accident insurance if your hourly rate is more than 4,05€ (for accident at work and professional illness)

  • And any documents that prove your situation if you are requesting a top-up (more information on page 2 of the application form)

How much will I get?

If you apply for the Erasmus+ grant, you will get the equivalent of 2 months of grant regardless of the length of your assignment. The total amount depends on the country you are going to and on your personal situation.​

The grant is paid to the beneficiaries in two stages:

  • 80% of the total amount is paid after registration at the beginning of the internship

  • The balance is paid on presentation of the proof of achievement of the mobility


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:​​


SKEMA encourages mobility for its faculty and administrative staff by informing them of a wide-range of opportunities for both teaching and training. SKEMA aims to increase the mobility among staff to enable more to experience ERASMUS+ mobility and share this experience and best practices with other members of the SKEMA community.   

The ERASMUS+ Programme under the 2023-2024 Convention, classifies participating countries into 3 categories depending on the cost of living. For staff mobility, grant rates are based on this classification.

Accommodation costs :


Transport costs :
They are calculated according to the distance travelled on the website of the European commission.


​Erasmus + institutions take all possible measures to ensure mobility of people with severe disabilities or special needs. In the Erasmus + programme, a person with special needs is defined as “a potential participant whose state of mental and/or physical health requires particular financial support". A request for complementary funding for such individuals must be made at the latest one month before the start of the mobility period.

Green Travel

Students who do not receive a travel grant can choose an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

In this case, they will receive a one-time contribution of 50 € in addition to the living expenses grant and up to 2 extra days of living expenses to cover the days of round-trip travel (one-way trip of more than 5 hours), if applicable.​


If you are in one of the following situations, you are entitled to the top-up amount for students with fewer opportunities. The amount of this top-up is 250€ per paid month.​​​​

 Rural Revitalization Zone * (ZRR).

Priority Neighborhoods of the City** (QPV)​

For more information on Inclusion ERASMUS:


​For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

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