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Master in Management





​​​​​The Grande Ecole: an inter​nation​al programme

Becoming the leaders of tomorrow 
  • Multi-campus programme

  • Large variety of learning paths

  • Wide range of specialisations

  • Dual skill learning paths, both optional and leading to a qualification

  • International profile: courses taught in English from the first year

  • Option of studying entirely in English from the second year, mandatory experience abroad

  • Between 12 and 24 months’ experience in a company

  • Innovative teaching and learning: six interdisciplinary teaching and learning projects and targeted, appropriate use of e-learning and m-learning teaching methods

  • Specific focus on management in the knowledge economy

  • An ability to generate sustainable performance

 Watch the graduati​on ceremony - May 2015 


Global opportunities

​Once you have completed your studies, you will encounter a range of different opportunities across the globe.
However, you will also be facing a highly competitive job market. At SKEMA​, your course will give you the skills you need to make the most of these opportunities and to rise above international competition.

SKEMA's Master in Management, Grande Ecole programme is based on the following:​

  • Management in the knowledge economy, with coordinated delivery of specific courses and subjects.

  • A flexible semester- and module-based structure, enabling you to customise your learning path from an enormous range of choices: academic exchange, experience in a company, international programme, choice of campuses, the option to choose a dual skill profile from the first year (e.g. law, accounting, economics, etc.).

  • A choice of campuses from the second year: Sophia Antipolis, Lille, Paris, China, USA or Brazil.

  • A variety of innovative teaching and learning methods: inter- and cross-disciplinary projects based on issues from the knowledge economy and targeted, appropriate use of "learning by doing", e-learning and m-learning teaching methods.

  • An international profile, with a programme that enables students to change and adapt to the world of international business, the option to attend courses delivered in English from the second year (M1), and the opportunity for immersion in our campuses abroad (with optional professional experience) and/or an international university exchange.

  • Strong emphasis on professional experience, to make sure that our students obtain the necessary skills and knowledge to make a successful start to their careers. The students have the opportunity to work for 12 to 24 months in France or abroad. This means that each student is required to make choices. Each student’s success in entering the world of work depends, to a large extent, on his/her qualities and personality.

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