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Published on 09 April 2021
The ties between religion and economic development are a sensitive issue. In adopting a consilience approach, we can cool the debate by demonstrating the complexity of the links, and the sometimes unexpected effects of religion in the socio-economic sphere.
Published on 05 April 2021
SKEMA Alumni is launcing its mentorship programmes to guide students and graduates towards the jobs and careers of their ambitions.
Published on 03 April 2021
Organised by Campus France Brazil, this online event gathered students from all over the country interested in studying in France.
Published on 01 April 2021
To fight food insecurity and show support to the community of NC State University, the SKEMA USA team hosted a two-week-long food drive benefiting “Feed the Pack”, NC State’s food pantry which helps the university’s members meet their food needs, whether it is students,[...]
Published on 31 March 2021
March 18, SKEMA Suzhou students made an exclusive corporate visit to the Beaumanoir Group's Asia distribution centre.
Published on 30 March 2021
After several months’ work, SKEMA Business School’s first student association for law has officially been founded. SKEMA Business and Law’s aim is to raise the profile of law within the school.
Published on 30 March 2021
The Larousse dictionary defines the French term éloquence as, “the art, talent of speaking well, of using words to convince and persuade.” SKEMA will be holding two events dedicated to this art this week.
Published on 30 March 2021
March 17, the new Raleigh campus student union hosted a successful Saint Patrick’s day celebration. They set the ambience with green décor and Irish music and offered students coffee and a variety of snacks and desserts, including shamrock-shaped cookies and green, matc[...]
Published on 29 March 2021
The first edition of the SKEMA Social Ventures Summit took place on 16 March. We look back at the event with its creators Pauline Gane and Philippe Chéreau.
Published on 29 March 2021
Master in Management students at SKEMA's Brazil campus in Belo Horizonte participated in an online roundtable discussion with BDMG, the Development Bank of Minas Gerais, as part of their International Finance, and Corporate Social Responsibility courses.

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