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Executive Programme in Management (EPM)

Enhance your management and leadership skills to drive your team more effectively or develop yourself for the next challenge. Discover the potential levers for innovation and acquire the competences to succeed in today’s complex and disruptive environment.
Who this is for

​Executives who wants to enhance their management and leadership competences or accelerate their transition to a management role.


​10 days = 5 modules (2 days each)


​Belo Horizonte (Brazil):
23 & 24/08/19 - 30 & 31/08/19 – 23 & 24/10/19 – 4 & 5/11/19 – 3 & 4/12/19

China & USA: October 2019 and March 2020


​R$40 000 / RMB55 000 (6.72 VAT) / $10 000


​Brazil: Dr Geneviève Poulingue

China: Matthieu Dumont

USA: Gisa L. Rollin

Objectives of the Executive Programme in Management

  1. Boost your leadership and your team: develop your leadership skills and work productively in teams through an experiential journey that triggers changes to maximise your potential as a team leader. Powered by The Human Element ®.
  2. Become familiar with financial language and understand the financial consequences of strategic decisions: how to integrate a financial approach into decision-making.
  3. Generate superior performance through your innovation and sales strategies: evaluate how innovation can become a proper strategy-fit and understand the root of marketing and commercial excellence.

Content of the Executive Programme in Management

This is modular training, which covers the main area of management expertise and gives you the opportunity to meet executives with varied backgrounds to accelerate your learning.

Module 1: Boost your leadership

  • Clarify your leadership
  • Develop self-awareness and openness
  • Manage your emotions and impact on people

Module 2: Boost your team

  • Understand what makes a team work
  • Understand team compatibility
  • Learn and experiment how to build a team

Module 3: Strategy and innovation

  • Being able to evaluate the innovation advantage for a given industry
  • Identify potential levers for innovation for a given business model/mix
  • Encourage critical thinking using the context of the participant’s own company as practical case studies

Module 4: Marketing & sales strategy

  • Setting objectives
  • From positioning to defining the right targets for the firm
  • Building successive winning proposals and conducting successful negotiations to align perspectives and interests

Module 5: Practical accounting and finance

  • Get a global vision of financial statements and use the relevant tools for understanding your company’s, clients' or competitors' position
  • Raise your level of financial awareness, and control the financial aspects of your role when communicating with stakeholders

Pedagogical methods of the Executive Programme in Management

A unique, active pedagogical approach combining experiential learning, business cases studies, simulations and peer-to-peer brainstorming.

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