​Recent Research Publications

  1. Appio, F. P., Frattini, F., Petruzzelli, A. M., & Neirotti, P. (2021). Digital Transformation and Innovation Management: A Synthesis of Existing Research and an Agenda for Future Studies. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 38 (1), 4-20.
  2. Babutsidze, Z., Hanaki, N., & Zylbersztejn, A. (in press, 2021). Nonverbal content and swift trust: An experiment on digital communication. Economic Inquiry.
  3. Babutsidze, Z., Iacopetta M. (in press, 2021) The Emergence of Money: Computational approaches with fully and boundedly rational agents. Computational Economics.
  4. Ferrara, L., Candelon, B., & Joets, M. (2021).  Global Financial connectedness: An on-linear assessment of the uncertainty channel,. Applied Economics,
  5. Mirzayev E., Babutsidze Z., Rand W. and Delahaye T. (2021) Use of clustering for consideration set modelling in recommender systems. Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-54), pp. 4270-4278
  6. Zhao, Z., Renard, D., Baudier, P., Haikel, M., & Brem, A. (2021). Need for uniqueness and word of mouth in disruptive innovation adoption: the context of self-quantification IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  7. Otero, D., La Torre, D., Michailovich, O., & Vrscay, E. (in press, 2020).  Optimization of structural similarity in mathematical imaging. Optimization and Engineering
  8. Mola, L., Carugati, A., Giangreco, A., & da Cunha, J. V. (in press, 2020). Learning From An Unexpected Technological Success: The Extended Model Of The Supply-Side Of Diffusion. European Journal of Information Systems.
  9. Testa, S., Massa, S., Martini, A., & Appio, F. P. (2020). Social media-based innovation literature: A review of the latency phase and a research agenda. Information and Management, 57 (3), 103196.
  10. La Torre, D., Marcoux, J., Mendivil, F., & Vrscay, E.R. (2020).  Denoising of diffusion magnetic resonance images using a modified and differentiable Monge-Kantorovich distance for measure-valued images. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 91 (105456). 
  11. Carugati, A., Mola, L., Ple, L., Lauwers, M., & Giangreco, A. (2020). Exploitation and exploration of IT in times of pandemic: from dealing with emergency to institutionalizing crisis practices. European Journal of Information Systems, 29 (6), 762-777. 
  12. Mola, L., Berger, Q., Haavisto, K., & Soscia, I. (2020). Mobility as a Service: An Exploratory Study of Consumer Mobility Behaviour. Sustainability, 12 (19), 15, doi: 10.3390/su12198210. 
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  14. Ferrara, L., & Marsilli, C. (2019).  Nowcasting global economic growth: A factor-augmented mixed-frequency approach. World Economy, 42 (3), 846-875. 
  15. La Torre, D., Li, D., & Vrscay, E. (2019).  Existence, Uniqueness and Asymptotic Behaviour of Intensity-Based Measures Which Conform to a Generalized Weber's Model of Perception. International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, 11662, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics): Springer [B], 297-308. 
  16. Mesgari, M., Okoli, C., & Ortiz de Guinea, A. (2019). Creating Rich and Representative Personas by Discovering Affordances. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.  
  17. Olmedilla, M., Martinez-Torres, M., & Toral, S. (2019). The super-hit effect and the long tail phenomenon in the context of electronic Word-of-Mouth. Decision support systems
  18. Haikel-Elsabeh, M., Zhao, Z., Ivens, B., & Brem, A. (2019). When is brand content shared on Facebook? A field study on online Word-of-Mouth. International Journal of Market Research, 61 (3), 287-301.
  19. Gastaldi, L., Appio, F. P., Corso, M., & Pistorio, A. (2018). Managing the exploration-exploitation paradox in healthcare: Three complementary paths to leverage on the digital transformation. Business Process Management Journal, 24 (5), 1200-1234. 
  20. Desbordes, R., Koop, G., & Vicard, V. (2018).  One size does not fit all... Panel data: Bayesian model averaging and data poolability. Economic Modelling, 75, 364-376.
  21. La Torre, D., Li, D., & Vrscay, E. (2018).  The Use of Intensity-Based Measures to Produce Image Function Metrics Which Accommodate Weber's Models of Perception. International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition, 10882, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics): Springer [B],  326-335
  22. Mehdi, M., Okoli, C., Mesgari, M., Nielsen, F. Å., & Lanamäki, A. (2017). Excavating the mother lode of human-generated text: A systematic review of research that uses the wikipedia corpus. Information Processing & Management, 53(2), 505-529. Arenas

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