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SKEMA Quantum Studio

A state-of-the-art research centre

SKEMA’s Global Lab in AI acts as an accelerator in the field of research and the digital transformation of teaching through a state-of-the-art platform – SKEMA Quantum Studio

This unique platform will enable students and professors to access one of the most powerful analytical tools in higher education. Using data science and artificial intelligence within the platform, new theories, methods and concepts are being developed to study globalisation, innovation and digital transformation.  

What is SKEMA Quantum Studio?

SKEMA is building a strong network in Montreal around AI

Today, Montreal ranks second in the world in artificial intelligence research. This is why SKEMA chose to launch its Global Lab in AI in Montreal. 

SKEMA Business School will play an integral part in Montreal's flourishing technology ecosystem by building a network around AI. It has entered into a partnership with the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO) to strengthen the network of the two organisations at the international level and to increase the number of students trained in data science and augmented intelligence.  

To emphasise the importance of an ethical approach, SKEMA has signed the Montreal Declaration for Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence and a research partnership agreement with the International Observatory on the Societal Impacts of AI and Digital Technologies.  

SKEMA has also collaborated with Bleu Blanc Tech to help Montreal-based companies access qualified people, particularly through internships.

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