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Questioning the puzzle: Fiscal policy, real exchange rate and inflation
Filippo NATOLI
Siena Daniele
2021, Journal of International Economics, 133, pp.103524
Fiscal shocks
Real exchange rate
Narrative shocks
The paper re-investigates the effects of government spending shocks on the real exchange rate and inflation, using US data. In opposition to some previous puzzling results, we find that an increase in government spending appreciates the real exchange rate and generates inflationary pressures. Positive spending shocks also induce a trade balance deficit and an increase in the nominal interest rate. The discrepancy with the existing literature lies in the identification of fiscal shocks: embedding a narrative instrument within a proxy-SVAR model is what makes the difference. Findings are robust and coherent with a standard open economy business cycle model. Our analysis suggests that proxy-SVAR models are more immune to structural changes in US fiscal policy.

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