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Take part in SKEMA's projects

Through fundraising, SKEMA gives community members and businesses the opportunity to actively participate in the school's projects.

Donating to SKEMA means giving the school additional resources for:


1. Attracting tomorrow's talent

One hundred mobility grants: SKEMA wants its students to benefit fully from its multi-campus structure, regardless of their financial means. Each year, the school will offer mobility grants (accommodation and transport) to encourage international experiences, language learning and the discovery of different practices in the business world.

Five hundred excellence scholarships: In order to attract the best French and international students, SKEMA wishes to offer Excellence Scholarships to reward the talents that deserve to be helped and supported.

2. Research and innovation

SKEMA produces high-level academic research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the fields of economics and business. Research at SKEMA places particular emphasis on what makes its DNA: digitisation, innovation and globalisation.

Because students are at the heart of SKEMA's mission, SKEMA has long understood that the quality of training provided also depends on investing in research potential.

Florencio Lopez de Silanes is one of the 17 teacher-researchers recruited in autumn 2017, and is now ranked among the 93 most cited economists in the world alongside only two other French researchers, including Jean Tirole, winner of the 2014 Nobel prize for economics.

By pursuing targeted and qualitative recruitment, SKEMA continually increases the degree of internationalisation of its teachers and the quality of the teaching it offers to its students.

3. Digital and educational innovations

Through cutting-edge technological and pedagogical innovations and a policy of partnerships, SKEMA wishes to strengthen the synergies between its French and international campuses and their local economic environments in order to significantly increase territorial impact. 


3. SKEMA Ventures

The school of innovative transformers: Made In SKEMA

Because entrepreneurship is part of SKEMA's DNA, in 2017 we launched SKEMA Ventures, a system dedicated to student entrepreneurship, a unique value chain that allows each SKEMA student to think, design, test and launch a project in a global context, in six innovative territories and on four continents, benefiting from the best of each local ecosystem.

A peer-to-peer community: the Venture Family 

The Venture Family is a special feature of SKEMA Ventures, which brings together the peer-to-peer community of students and alumni. Alongside the alumni, by joining theVenture Family, Master 2 students can help out an entrepreneurial project led by another student by bringing specific academic and practical expertise.
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