The Digital DBA programme takes place over a period of three years (36 months).

If application is accepted, the programme starts on 2nd January, or 1st April, 1st July or 1st October.

See the Digital DBA programme in detail here.

The first year of the Digital DBA is dedicated to:
• Acquiring fundamentals in terms of the necessary knowledge and methodology to conduct research a.k.a. “knowledge cores” (see below for details of a knowledge core)
• Defining the thesis subject, which is finalised while taking into account each candidate’s preferences, and through attendance at online seminars and resulting exchanges  with their professors.
The second year is dedicated to data collection and writing the thesis under the supervision of one of the professors of the scientific board. The scientific board includes over 100 recognised university professors covering all areas of management.
The third year is dedicated to finishing writing the thesis and defending it in front of an international jury of university professors.

Each knowledge core includes the following elements provided by the professor(s) in charge of it:

  • Knowledge Base: Documents on which the course is built (books, articles), which are provided to students. 
  • Knowledge Seeds: Provided through knowledge medium (videos) and knowledge support (power points).
  • Knowledge Search: List of further readings proposed to students will be provided
  • Knowledge Verification: Multiple-choice questions and one "thoughtful pondering" question to be answered by students are provided and graded by professor(s) in charge of the knowledge core.
  • Knowledge Forum: Blog on which students and professors can exchange
  • Direct Knowledge Sharing: I/2 h direct exchange with professor through Skype
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