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Global Executive MBA - Executive Master of Business Administration

Overview of the SKEMA Global Executive MBA

Duration: 18 or 24 months part-time.

Start date: September 2023 or fast-track after September.

Format: blended learning (in-person residential weeks, webinars and online modules) with just 20 days of physical presence required on campus, for a better work-study balance.

Locations: the SKEMA Global Executive MBA programme includes four 5-day residential weeks on SKEMA's international campuses in Paris (France), Raleigh (North Carolina, USA), Suzhou (China), and Belo Horizonte (Brazil). The remainder of the programme is delivered online in the form of webinars and online classes.

Target audience: directors, middle or senior managers, and senior project managers wishing to advance their career and contribute to the success of their company. They are participants wishing to prepare for a new role, and participants with an educational background in the scientific field (initial training in biology, medicine, engineering, etc.).

Tuition fee: €38,000 with financing options available.

Contact: Thierry Graeff, Head of Recruitment Global Executive MBA, +33 6 14 81 56 36,

About the Global Executive MBA programme

The SKEMA Business School Global Executive MBA is a high-end programme aimed at experienced mid- to top-level managers wishing to develop the skills, behaviours and mindset leaders need to implement complex transformations. Its ambition is to train "comprehensive leaders" and teach them the art of leading and of communicating their vision, beyond complexity management and functional expertise.

The SKEMA Global Executive MBA, or GEMBA, prepares programme participants for leadership responsibilities in an environment increasingly marked by uncertainty and the need to manage dilemmas and paradoxes. Participants will learn to be mobile, multicultural, agile, and conscious of the new challenges facing society.

The Executive MBA programme will allow them to develop the skills needed to lead and oversee their organisation's major value creation processes and, beyond the capacity to deal with complexity, it will afford them the tools and skills to forge their leadership.

Participants develop an ability to envision the way their own role fits into their organisation or business sector. The training renders them capable of choreographing transformation so that it becomes a driver of value creation.

Objectives of the Executive MBA programme

The objectives of the SKEMA Global Executive MBA, or GEMBA, are set within the context of an already globalised and digitalised world. With the advent of artificial intelligence and, more recently, the global pandemic, there has been a shift in the social and cultural norms underpinning our society and our economy. Here are the four main objectives of the programme.

  • Broaden the core set of fundamental skills to achieve a command of the "languages" of the organisation in order to know, first and foremost, how to manage the basic business functions of the company.
  • Fully understand the organisation's key value creation processes, and in particular the environment and how strategy is formulated.
  • Learn how to develop new sources of value creation to innovate and ensure sustainable company growth.
  • Become a responsible leader who listens to stakeholders and is capable of engaging people from inside and outside the company to carry out the transformations needed to achieve the company's ambitions and to understand how the world is changing.

The SKEMA Business School Executive MBA offers the possibility of studying in a global environment, on the five continents where the school has campuses. Participants thus benefit from training that combines local and global practices, technology, and experience sharing. Armed with this exposure, Global Executive MBA graduates are equipped for emerging professions and ready for new horizons. 


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