FAQ for candidates


Admitted students

Is your September intake still going ahead?


Are you considering a delayed start date?

​Subject to the situation , but classes will start by September for sure (possibility of online classes in case the borders are closed)

Are you planning on opening a new intake to accommodate the candidates?

​​We keep Fall and Spring intake as usual, students who got delayed with covid will be given the opportunity to start classes online till they are able to join physically the campuses

Can the students get a set of guidelines about COVID situation in the long run during their orientation week?

​Yes students will get a welcome kit with all the infos, in addition to that we are going to publish all the infos on our website www.skema.edu


Are you still accepting applications? If yes, the deadline?

​Yes and we are giving waiver on applications fees. Deadline every 15th of the month till July

How can I meet the conditions of my offer if my exams have been cancelled in my home country?

​For admissions purpose , students can be given a conditional admission subject to degree proof. In case they are not able to provide the degree proof , then we can propose them to join the next available intake

Can I pursue my application without recommendation letters? (as it is very difficult to get it from the institute right now.)

​Try your best to get some recommendations letters even without letter head or ask your family to provide some

Will the institutions give conditional acceptance for students whose DALF C1 exams got postponed from March to May, results in June? Will they consider? The students continue to go ahead with candidature?

We don’t need French proficiency for English programmes, in case they are going for French programmes , we are flexible about it

Residence permits and visas

If you permit online classes in September to those who haven't got visas as yet, what happens in the case of visa rejections? (Fee refund?)

​We will fully refund the money paid

English test

The GMAT and the IELTS centers are closed. What are the alternative options for clearing the admission requirements?

For GMAT they can take it online
For English test (we don’t request it for Indian who graduated in English) , we have also our Internal english test system (fully online) in case it’s needed

Financial matters

Will the students still be eligible for the institutional scholarship with a deferred intake as well?

​Yes they will

Will we get any relaxation on tuition fees payment terms for September intake?

​Student can already pay a pre deposit amount 1000 euros vs 5000 euros (the normal deposit)

Internships and job

What happens to students who have to pursue internships during this period? Is this waived off or is there an extension provided on the time given to search for the same?

​If the student fulfils all the academic obligations, he/she will be able to :
• Extend or postpone his/her internship until December 31, 2020
• Request the diploma jury to not be obliged to do an internship

If the student does not fulfil all the academic obligations, he/she will have to repeat the classes.

Life on campus

Will the students for September/October intake be given help in terms of accommodation, considering it might be difficult to find on their own. How can you help?

​We have a fully dedicated housing team to help the students to find accomodation

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