MASTER OF SCIENCEEntrepreneurship & Innovation



Value proposition


What sets this MSc apart?  


   Experience entrepreneurship through action learning

  • Students interact and work with local innovative ventures on: analyses of opportunities, business model designs, business plans, go-to-market strategy implementation, and more.

  • Experience local* entrepreneurs’ business lives: students coach management teams of start-ups; students pitch their business plans to juries in realistic contexts, and more …

   Put theory into practice
  • Experience how the latest research on innovation and entrepreneurship is put into practice in local entrepreneurial ventures (e.g. spin-offs from local multi-nationals or research centres).

  • Work as strategic consultants with local businesses putting innovation management theories into practice (e.g. with local innovative SMEs or start-ups).

  • Learn during lectures and tutorials with entrepreneurs.

   ​Benefit from the MSc’s partnerships:
  • Local* entrepreneurs and decision makers

  • Local competitive clusters (IT, biotech, cloud computing, renewable energy),

  • Local science park (Sophia Antipolis, the European Silicon Valley)

  • Local incubators (PACA-EST, XJ’-SKEMA …)

  • Local business angels​

Students work with these organisations on projects, case studies and research.
*"Local" = Sophia Antipolis, on French Riviera.


Entrepreneurship ​and innovation professionals


Jean-Yves Courtois, Orolia chairman and CEO
"In an increasingly globalising and digital world, business has reached a level of competitive intensity, speed and uncertainty that has never been experienced before.
Paradoxically, the number of new business opportunities and the possibilities to disrupt incumbent players have never been so great. In such an environment, only managers who understand and embrace the particular, and sometimes counterintuitive, mechanics of entrepreneurship and innovation will thrive and succeed.
This MSc gives you the keys to the new business world. Not seizing them may considerably reduce your professional potential.​ 


Christophe Imbert, Milanamos co–Founder and CEO
"The Msc Entrepreneurship & Innovation delivers a unique mix of theoretical and practical skill sets that can be put in action in a corporate environment with immediate effect.
I participated in a project review and as an entrepreneur I was impressed with the vision and the execution plan students put together to lead their project to success.
And more than that, the programme promotes risk taking, and the straight and hard talk that helps projects get past the barrier of a prototype."

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