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Alumni 2007-2023


 MSc Financial Markets & Investments alumni

You can contact these alumni by clicking on their names to get their emails. They will be able to give you replies to questions about the course and resulting jobs.

Class of 2023​, Sophia Antipolis

Class of 2022, Sophia Antipolis


Class of 2021, Sophia Antipolis 

Class of 2020, Sophia Antipolis

(this 2020 list is WIP - email addresses not yet included)

  • BERTHOLOM Adrien, SG, VlE sales, London
  • BENVENISTE Abraham, State Street, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, London
  • KURDY Joud, Morgan Stanley, MENA fixed income sales, London
  • EL KHAZEN Antony, SG, Assistant trader volatility (intern), Paris
  • JANSSEN Jean-Baptiste, I-Kapital, Assistant sales (intern), Paris
  • SCHMITT Camille, SG, Sales facilitator (intern), Luxembourg
  • BOUKHRIS Yassine, Tikehau IM, Market risk analyst, Paris
  • BOUGHNIM Nadia, CFM-Indosuez, Advisory, Monaco
  • COSTA Alexis, Tikehau IM, Assistant manager fixed income (intern), Paris
  • RANCHET Pierre, SG, Trader assistant - derivative listed products, Paris
  • SALLES Augustin, Silex Investment Partners, Assistant sales - structured products, Paris
  • MARMONDI Marco, M&G Investments, Sales assistant, Zurich 
  • BIRRAUX Cedric, SCB group, Junior broker, Geneva 
  • PELATAN Cécile, Credit Suisse, Assistant sales equity, Paris
  • ARIENTA Alexis, EED Gmbh, Sales / project management (intern), Berlin
  • FERREIRA Tiago, Deloitte, Risk consultant - institutional funds investors, Luxembuorg
  • LEKNIZI Sara, SG, Market risk intern, Paris
  • RICHEFEU Tristan, Euronext, Cash Equity intern, Paris
  • BOUDAUD Quentin, Morgan Stanley, Equity derivatives sales assistant, Paris
  • TUBIANA Sacha, GFI EU - Aurel BGC, Listed derivatives cross asset broker, Paris 
  • FONCK Mathieu, Natixis, Equity derivatives sales intern, Paris
  • LEROY Vincent, Majid Al Futtaim Trust, Investment analyst, Dubai
  • TNANI Myriam, Bank of Tokyo - MUFG FX / IRD Sales  (Analyst) Paris
  • DS Leyti, SG G10 STIRD & FX Trader, London (VIE) 
  • TEN Anastasia, VTB, Family Office Intern, Moscow
  • BERGOUGNOU Baptiste, BNP, Sales assistant EM Credit
  • MARCHESE Alicia, CA CIB, FX sales assistant, Paris

Class of 2019, Sophia Antipolis 


Class of 2018, Sophia Antipolis 


Class of 2016, Sophia Antipolis 


Class of 2015, Sophia Antipolis 


Class of 2014, Sophia Antipolis


Class of 2013, Sophia Antipolis  


Class of 2012, Sophia Antipolis


Class of 2011, Raleigh 

Class of 2010, Sophia Antipolis 

Class of 2009, Sophia Antipolis  

Class of 2008, Sophia Antipolis  


Class of 2007, Sophia Antipolis

Note: * = of an engineering background

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