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Doing Business in Europe option

Paris track: International Strategies for Global Ventures​​​​​​​​​​​

Largest trading bloc in the world​

The formation of the single European Market and its enlargement meant that Europe became the largest trading bloc in the world with a population of more than 540 million people, making it a powerful competitive force in the glo​bal market. Most analysts agree that the single European Market has greatly enhanced market opportunities for European companies and for every international firm in the world because regional integration precedes and maintains the globalisation of economies and firms.
Our programme is a unique opportunity for European and non-European students to become specialists in this economic area and to customise a global international learning programme with a focus on how to do business and trade with Europe. In this, the understanding of its moves towards a unified market is crucial: Many regions and trade agreements in the world strive for a free and unbridled large internal market in the increasingly interdependent and global economy.
This specialisation track with a large number of electives develops skills that will be vital in a career in international management, in Europe, with Europe and/or in similar regions of economic integration.
This learning experience encompasses a wide range of strategic and technical knowledge in trade with and in Europe. (import-export project, international market research study…) Theoretical concepts, in this integrative learning programme, are always backed up with real-life experience and applications.



Core courses
  • Importing and Exporting in a Global Market (Incoterms)
  • International Project Management 
  • Course with local perspective
  • Internationalisation of the Firm 

Track specific courses
  • Managing Multicultural Teams
  • International Marketing Management
  • AI for International Business

Elective courses (choose one)
  • Research Methods
  • The Geopolitics of Europe
  • Global Stakeholders Management
  • Career Management 1
TOTAL SEMESTER 1: 30 credits


Core courses
  • International Finance
  • International Business Simulation: SKEMA SIM
  • Course with local perspective
  • Advanced Strategy
  • European Legal Issues for Business

Track specific courses
  • Global Product Development and Management
  • International Human Resources Management

Elective courses (choose 2 from the list)
  • Effectual Logic and Operational Applications
  • Risk and Crisis Management for Global Businesses
  • International Corporate Governance
  • Negotiation Practice
  • Career Management 2 

TOTAL SEMESTER 2: 30 credits

Dissertation project

TOTAL FULL YEAR: 90 credits

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