MASTER OF SCIENCEInternational Strategy & Influence



Programme courses


Courses by semester & credits

Semester 1, mandatory courses
  • Competitive Intelligence, 4 credits
    The different cultural and contextual approaches and methods of competitive intelligence in firms and states.

  • Knowledge Management4 credits 
    Knowledge Management as a new step in the management development in the Knowledge Economy 
  • International Strategy Business Game3 credits 
    Understand the multi-faceted dimensions of global strategy.

  • Social Media Analysis, 3 credits
    Use of the leading social media platforms to gather and analyse information for influence and strategic purposes

  • Strategy & Business Models3 credits 
    Exploring business models from a strategic perspective.

  • Organisation Dynamics3 credits 
    The challenges of monitoring and dissemination of strategic information according to organisational configurations and dynamics.

  • Consulting Project (1), 3 credits 
    Business development, negotiation and contracting phases of a real consulting mission.

    Electives (three choices among five)
  • Multicultural Management, 2 credits 
    The impact of culture in shaping different cultural mindsets and attitudes, and how these influence strategic business and corporate organisation. 

  • Corporate Strategy & Governance, 2 credits 
    The role of shareholders and the board of directors in strategic decisions, management performance and company’s growth.

  • Preparing for Consulting Jobs 1, 2 credits
    The skills and attitudes to be a consultant and develop in the job.

  • Géostratégie (in French), 2 credits
    The role of competitive intelligence and influence in the development of a firm’s strategy in the context of international business.

  • Financial Intelligence, 2 credits
    Being able to gather financial information and build strategic indicators.

  • Employability and Career, 1 credit

TOTAL SEMESTER 1, 30 credits

Semester 2, mandatory courses
  • Strategies for Growth, 3 credits 
    Advanced knowledge on growth strategy formulation and evaluation.

  • International Merger & Acquisition, 2 credits
    The strategic and financial dimensions of international M&A.

  • Strategic Management of Innovation3 credits
    Innovation management from a strategic perspective, considering that innovation is an essential means for a firm to achieve strategic goals.

  • Critical Thinking and Methods, 3 credits 
    Business game to understand the multi-faceted dimensions of global strategy.
  • Influence Strategies, 3 credits
    How to organise, in the workplace and at the State level, an influence strategy or operation to protect the competitiveness of the organisation.

  • Knowledge & Data Analysis, 2 credits
    Methodologies for collecting, processing and analysing data and to transform it into strategic knowledge.

  • Consulting Project (2), 3 credits​
    Data collection, analysis and delivering phases of the consulting mission initiated in semester 1.
Elective Track Strategic Consulting (only full track allowed)
  • Advanced Strategic Models, 3 credits 
    Theories, methodologies and tools of strategic consulting

  • Strategic Consulting, 3 credits 
    Transferring methods and tools of executive consulting in the field of strategy and organisation management

  • Preparing for Consulting Jobs, 2 credits
    The skills and attitudes to be a consultant and develop in the job

  • Risk Analysis, 2 credits
    Corporate strategy from a risk management perspective
Elective Track Sécurité Economique - INHESJ - Taught by l’Institut National des Hautes Etudes de la Sécurité et de la Justice. (taught in French - only full track allowed)
  • ​Nouveaux Risques et Nouveaux Défis, 2 credits 
  • Sécurité Economique, 3 credits

  • Web 3.0 - Internet: menaces ou atouts pour l'entreprise, 3 credits

  • Gestion de Crise, 2 credits

  • Visite Direction sureté groupe industriel français

  • Employability and Career II, 1 credit


TOTAL SEMESTER 2, 30 credits

  • Dissertation, 30 credits 

TOTAL FULL YEAR: 90 credits
These details are for information only and may be changed by the school without prior notice

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