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Publication in "Ecological Economics" by Zakaria Babutsidze

Published on 26 October 2017

Zakaria Babutsidze's paper titled: "Look at me saving the planet! The imitation of visible green behaviour and its impact on the climate value-action gap" co-authored with Andreas Chai (Griffith University Business School) has been accepted for publication in "Ecological Economics" (CNRS category 1).

​Abstract: Examining the regional distribution of 15 different greenhouse gas mitigation practices (MPs) adopted by Australian households, we study the tendency for households to imitate pro-environmental behaviour in their local region and whether this generates spillovers into other parts of the consumer’s lifestyle. While there is a great deal of variation in the specific type of MPs adopted by households located in the same region, our results suggest that they tend to adopt a similar number of MPs as their neighbours. Using discrete choice modelling, our results suggest that this is due to certain visible MPs, such as using public transport or car-pooling, encouraging neighbours to adopt other types of visible MPs. However, the character of this spillover is limited in that visible pro-environmental behaviour does not appear to influence the adoption of non-visible MPs. We also find that social imitation patterns help individuals overcome the observed gap between their stated concern about climate change and their propensity to act on this concern, known as the climate ‘value-action’ gap.