European Network on the Economics of the Firm

About ENEF

The European Network on the Economics of the Firm is a loose grouping of economists mainly, but not uniquely, based in European universities. ENEF was formed at the first workshop held at the University of Sheffield in July 2004. The primary objectives were identified at that meeting: 

  • To support and promote discussion, research contacts, and collaborative work among primarily European university academics on the economics of the firm. 
  • This research activity covers both theoretical and empirical work on the firm. 
  • The primary intellectual focus of ENEF involves a research agenda that views the firm as not simply an economic entity. This implies that economics should be viewed as the base from which interdisciplinary work is undertaken.
  • This interdisciplinary work does not involve a dominant economic methodology taking over other disciplines but instead using the insights offered to develop new and richer frameworks for understanding the nature of the firm than those traditionally on offer within economics.

Given these objectives the short-run goals of ENEF involve

  • Using this website to promote academic discussion on the firm.
  • Holding an annual workshop on a particular aspect of the firm.
In the longer run the intention is to promote trans-European comparative work on the firm based on the objectives set out above.