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Women and Business



The “Women and business” Chair aims to analyse and promote professional equality among women and men. As a business school committed to the development and training of future managers, SKEMA’s ambition is to give the same professional opportunities to all its students.

Despite laws and public actions for many years, a gender gap and unequal treatment are still present on the labour market. Multiples causes intertwine to explain this situation: individual, social, political and economical .

SKEMA wants to be an active actor in terms of equality promotion. The “Women and business” Chair fights against gender inequality with a collection of coherent actions:

  • Session of training on gender stereotypes and gender-based bias towards students (women and men)
  • Presentation of female role models (entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs…)
  • Collective and interactive sessions of exchanges on professional equality issues
  • Programme of research dedicated to women in business (research on women entrepreneurs, on professional women networks, on women and leadership, women and performance, etc.)
  • Actions towards civil society to promote gender equality

Our commitment towards gender equality highlights our deep conviction of a society where women and men live with equal opportunities.

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Gender diversity in the banking industry, a study by Michel Ferrary – 2017
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