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About SKEMA Research

​SKEMA Business School produces research with purpose – we aim to influence through insights from the high-level academic research produced by the five research centres. Research at SKEMA has reached a degree of maturity which enables us to capitalise on our success in producing top-level academic publications and our strong presence in international academic networks. We now extend our reach to fully serve the interests of all our stakeholders. We seek to give our stakeholders the edge through access to our research, providing insights for businesses, policy makers, local authorities and the public debate along with our traditional focus on students and the academic community. 

Researchers at SKEMA have identified what makes research useful for our stakeholders.

Research with purpose should be: 

  • Timely: stakeholders need rapid insights in an increasingly complex world. The digital transformation of firms and increasing global uncertainty require rapidly updated information for our stakeholders.
  • Global: Our research has a truly global reach through our international campuses.
  • Cutting edge: our researchers produce research on a range of current topics, pushing back the frontiers of current knowledge on a range of topics.
  • Significant: our researchers address big societal questions.
  • Profound: academic research enables SKEMA faculty to dig deep into topics – the scientific review process is a guarantee of the quality of the insights produced.
  • Transferable: our research centers transfer insights to stakeholders in a timely and accessible manner through conferences, round-tables, position papers, indicators and network facilitation.
  • Skilled: researchers use advanced techniques which underpin their findings and facilitate problem solving.

Research Organisation at SKEMA

Each research center at SKEMA Business School produces academic research at the highest level in key areas of specialisation and meaningfully related to our DNA - we aim to develop distinctive expertise which is recognised by the academic community and relevant to our stakeholders. Our research activities are carried out by specialised research centers, each dedicated to becoming a leader in a specific area through developing research with purpose.
  • FAIRR (Finance & Accounting Insights on Risk and Regulation): research center members develop cutting-edge expertise in digital finance and governance, intermediaries and financial regulation. FAIRR aims to become internationally recognised in these two areas.
  • KTO (Knowledge, Technology and Organisation): The research center seeks to contribute to academic and policy debates about economic and management challenges in a knowledge-based global economy.
  • MINT (Market Interactions): The mission of this research centre is to be a hub for researchers passionate for stuying complex and dynamic interactions in market, consumers and society. Our aim is to effectively and morally guide consumers, organisations, and institutions toward a sustainable future through the development of exploratory and quantitative market-relevant research.
  • PRISM (PRoject Information and Supply Management): Research center members seek to help organisations address the challenges of digitalisation through our research into cutting-edge processes and new managerial knowledge through projects combining managers and researchers. Our aim: to guide organisations to the future and boost their performance.
  • RISE² Research Centre: The research center's purpose is to generate outstanding research on how business activities can be sustainable and contribute to a better world. Its members contribute to the cutting-edge and multifaceted topic of sustainability through the development policy-relevant research and the use of advanced analytical tools.

SKEMA Business School is a founding member of the Université Côte d'Azur  - being part of a public university system demonstrates SKEMA's commitment to producing high-level, internationally recognised research. As a business school, we are agile enough to move with the times and address emerging issues and trends, while reaping the benefits of our official, state-sanctioned existence within the public university system.

Our research organisation has been structured to reflect our own areas of expertise while remaining sensitive to the organisation of public universities. SKEMA set-up its own ECRIN (a collaborative team for research and innovation), named “INSTAR” (Innovation and Strategy for Transformation, Analysis and Risk), which was officially recognised by UCA in February 2017. INSTAR comprises researchers from the FAIRR, PRISM and RISE² Research Centres. INSTAR aims to promote research excellence in key business disciplines, while developing novel topics in line with the aims of the both SKEMA Business School and the University Côte d'Azur. For example, the FAIRR research center has developed two key areas of expertise in the finance and accounting area – Digital finance and Governance, Intermediaries and Financial Regulation. PRISM researchers deploy a variety of approaches in operations research, project management and information systems, with a strong focus on data analytics and AI techniques. The Strategy RC aims to address the challenges faced by firms in an uncertain global political and economic context, producing policy relevant research using data analytics and AI techniques alongside more traditional approaches.

The KTO research centre has established a formal partnership with the GREDEG, an interdisciplinary research unit of the University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis (UNS) and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). KTO members are now also members of the GREDEG.