Overview - MERCUR

​Who we are


The MERCUR research centre comprises about 30 faculty members of marketing. The centre is dedicated to promoting top-level research and best practices in marketing and consumer culture, with a particular focus on the retailing context. The research centre organises regular research seminars and events such as workshops for researchers, research-oriented after-work events for executives and managers and conferences.


What we do


MERCUR's main objective is the study of the market dynamics occurring between consumers and institutions (i.e. companies, non-profit organisations and public institutions), in particular to develop an understanding of the meanings and importance attributed by consumers to their experiences with brands, products, services and points of sale. 

The main areas of expertise of the research centre are: identity and consumption culture; transformative consumption and sustainability and e-commerce and commercial evolutions. Our researchers participate in innovative technological development projects such as ubiquity virtual salesman project (VVU), U-shopping project (in collaboration with PICOM (Pôle de compétitivité des industries du Commerce).