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17th European Network on the Economics of the Firm (ENEF) Workshop

“Innovation and Firms within the New Industrial Paradigm of the Digital Transformation”

University of Bergamo,
Dept. of Management, Economics and Quantitative Science

January 21 - 22, 2021

Following previous ENEF meetings organized in Sheffield, Rotterdam, Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Cambridge, Paris, Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Bologna, Madrid, Manchester, Toulouse, Turin, Pisa, Brighton, and Vienna, we are pleased to announce that the 17th ENEF meeting will be held in Bergamo (Italy) at the Department of Business, Economics and Quantitative Methods.

  Due to the burst of the Covid19 pandemic, and to entailed necessity to guarantee a safe interactive meeting in presence, the ENEF2020 Workshop has been postponed to January 2021, leaving sufficient margin to organize the 18th Workshop on September 2021, following the usual ENEF schedule. Following the regulations that the University of Bergamo has set for the organization of workshops and conferences in times of Covid19, and unless further procedures are set in the next future, the 17th ENEF meeting will take place in a dual manner. Presenters of the selected papers, in a number that complies with the above regulations, will be hosted in presence, unless coming from countries with mobility restrictions with respect to Italy. Interested attendees will also be hosted in presence until the maximum number of participants has been reached, following their registration order. All the other attendees and presenters with mobility issues will be capable to participate to the meeting in a virtual way, using the zoom platform.

Call for Papers details