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KTO-OFCE-GREDEG Research seminar Tai-Young Kim - Nov. 30

Tai-Young Kim (Sungkyunkwan university) will present a paper titled: "Multiple things to multiple people: the roles of pluralistics agents and logic under institutional pluralism".


Departing from earlier works on “institutional entrepreneurs,” which document how a unitary group of agents with a shared belief system champions the diffusion of new institutional practices, we highlight herein the roles of plural agents inside an organisation who work as “institutional incubators.” Specifically, we argue that multiple institutional incubators exist who promote or reject a particular institutional logic based on their identities; that is, their values, beliefs, and missions. In so doing, we aim to provide a framework of institutional pluralism by explaining how institutional practices are diffused without a specific institutional entrepreneur, by positioning the agency-specific identity of plural agents as a key theoretical account that explains organisational variations in response to the multiple imperatives of heterogeneous institutional environments. Through a longitudinal study of the diffusion of social-welfare departments in the organisational field of Korean universities, we examine multilayered organisational political dynamics from different groups of agents, such as faculty councils, boards of trustees, university presidents, and professors in related university departments, and show how each affects the likelihood of adopting a social-welfare department. We discuss the general implications for macro-institutional processes, the roles of multiple institutional agents, organisational political dynamics, and institutional pluralism.

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