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KTO-OFCE-GREDEG Research seminar Ryo Nakajima - Nov. 28

Ryo Nakajima (KEI university) will present a paper titled: "Localised knowledge spillovers and patent citations: a distance-based approach" co-authored with Yasusada Murata (Nihon university), Ryosuke Okamoto (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies) and Ryuichi Tamura (Hitotsubashi university).



We develop a new distance-based test of localised knowledge spillovers that embeds the concept of control patents. Using microgeographic data, we identify localisation distance for each technology class while allowing for spillovers accross geographic units. We revisit the debate between Thompson and Fox-Kean (2005a, 2005b) and Henderson, Jaffe, and Trajtenberg (2005) on the existence of localised knowledge spillovers and find solid evidence supporting localisation even when using finely grained controls. Unless biases induced by imperfect matching between citing and control patents due to unobserved heterogeneity are extremely large, our distance-based test detects localisation for the majority of technology classes.

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