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Publication in the Journal of Economic Geography

Published on 14 June 2018

Francesco Vona has a paper titled: "Measures, drivers and effects of green employment: evidence from US local labour markets, 2006-2014" co-authored with Giovanni Mariny (University of Urbino 'Carlo Bo' and Davide Consoli (INGENIO CSIC-UPV) accepted in the Journal of Economic Geography


This paper explores the nature and the key empirical regularities of green employment in US local labour markets in 2006-2014. The main methodological novelty consists of a new measure of green employment based on the task content of occupations. Descriptive analysis reveals that green employment is pro-cyclical, highly skilled, commands a 4% wage premium and is geographically concentrated. Green employment dynamics positively correlates with local green subsidies within the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, local green knowledge and resilience to the great recession. Finally, we find that one additional green job is associated with 4.2 (2.2 in the crisis period) new local jobs in non-tradable non-green activities.