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Students and research


Students and research

​Preparing our students for their future career as competent and responsible professionals is an overarching aspect of our mission. We aim to ensure that our research activities are shared with our students as early and as thoroughly as possible to enable them to benefit from the insights and knowledge generated by our faculty. Our programmes develop research awareness and skills from entry level up to the PhD programmes.


Research is fully integrated into our whole curriculum. We explicitly map the development of research-related skills throughout our programmes. Entry-level students follow a semester-long course entitled "Frontiers in Business Research". In this course, our top research faculty present aspects of their own research and follow-up courses provide context enabling the students to apply research concepts. All students write a master thesis at the end of their studies, in the form of an applied research project. In the master programmes, students may opt to take additional courses leading to an MSc in Research which would open the possibility of admission to a PhD programme and an academic career.

SKEMA has two PhD programmes, in finance and in management. The PhD in Finance and Accounting is a very selective, four-year, full-time programme. It forms part of the activities of the FAIRR (Finance and Accounting Insights on Risk and Regulation) Research Centre. Students receive instruction in advanced courses and are coached through a series of seminars, reading programmes and research workshops. The PhD in Management is linked to the activities of the KTO research centre. It combines disciplinary breadth and methodological depth. It prepares candidates for research and teaching careers at leading educational institutions where advanced research capabilities are required. 

In addition to the PhD programmes, we offer two Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) programmes. The DBA in Project and Programme Management aims to provide solid foundations and competencies for participants’ future careers in project, programme and general management. The programme is part-time, making it suitable for practitioners who are able to combine work and study. The Digital Doctorate in Business Administration (DDBA) is a distance-learning DBA in the general field of management, developed by SKEMA Business School and The Business Science Institute. The programme relies on a "digital knowledge box" enabling managers to work at a distance from their home or office according to their own schedule.