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How to start a freelance business

Wednesday 27 May 2020
Online meeting

Understand the notion of freelancing, deconstruct potential beliefs you have on it.

The business world tends more and more towards flexibility, the development of self-employment is an excellent illustration.
A recent study (Hopwork, Ouishare) conducted in 2017 showed a + 126% growth of freelancers in France over 10 years
According to an Ifop survey conducted in 2017,.50% of the French would be ready to become freelance if encouraging political measures were put in place,
Finally, 50% of the working population in the United States should be self-employed in 2027.

Within 75 minutes, you will:
- Know who's the typical freelancer
- See what makes people embark on this specific path
- Have a parallel between the employee and the freelancer on key features
- Understand some key concepts, i.e. Business Model, Business Plan, Status, etc.
- Know how to find an idea and turn it into action
- Ask questions to our coach Cyril Regourd | Invicem Management.

For more information please contact the career office.

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