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Workshop on transdisciplinary extreme risk modelling

Academy 3, Space, Environment, Risk and Resilience of UDEX UCAjedi is organising a

Workshop on transdisciplinary extreme risk modelling


Analysing the various approaches to modelling extreme risk across the natural and social sciences.
The notion of extreme risk and the extreme events that might arise from these risks is a theme that runs through several of the natural and social sciences. Prominent examples include earthquake modelling, modelling of forest fires, floods or extreme stock market risks. Events such as these have the potential to cause catastrophic damage to human society. Therefore, an integrative understanding of the nature and origin of such risks is likely to provide substantial benefits in designing better and more efficient risk management systems to anticipate and cope with these risks and to develop resilience strategies.

The aim of this workshop is to understand the common themes that explain extreme risks in both natural and social sciences and that revolve around power laws. One of the major issues is to analyse the origin of power laws that cut across the various disciplines.
The workshop is jointly organised by SKEMA Business School, Université Côte d’Azur and Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

It gathers prominent international researchers from various disciplines.


9:30 am: Coffee
9:50 am: Introductory Remarks
10:00 am: Didier Sornette, (ETH Zurich): "Beyond power laws: Dragon-Kings and the nature of extreme crises, statistical tools, generating mechanisms, prediction and control"
11:00 am: Alexander Milovanov  (ENEA Rome): "Theoretical Foundations of Self Organised Criticality "(Provisional Title)
12:00 am: Buffet Lunch
2:00 pm: Norma Crosby, (Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, Brussels): "Self Organised Criticality in Space Studies" (Provisional Title)
3:00 pm: Rosario Mantegna, (University of Palermo): "Heterogeneity and power-laws in financial systems"
4:00 pm: Coffee Break
4:30 pm: Mason Porter, (UCLA): "Cascades in Social Spreading Dynamics"
5:30 pm: Concluding Remarks

The workshop is free (including lunch) and is open to all UCA members.

Participants must register by sending an email at before September 6.
Find more information on the E2R2 Academy on the UCA website.

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