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 Over 150 companies at SKEMA for careers events over the last year


​​Over the last year, SKEMA’s Careers Centre has welcomed recruiting representatives of some of Europe’s, and the world’s, most successful companies. The list totals around 150 companies for the French campuses alone.

On-campus careers event
That list of 150 companies includes companies coming to SKEMA for specifically recruitment-related events; the list does not include the companies of the numerous professional guest speakers who come to SKEMA to teach our students.
These 150, or so, companies have been on SKEMA’s French campuses for a variety of events including on-campus careers fairs and special careers days with particular companies. 
SKEMA’s students are given plenty of opportunities to get to know companies, their career opportunities as well as the vacancies they have on offer.
Careers days are busy and bustling all-day recruitment and careers fairs. Thousands of internship offers and job offers are made available to SKEMA students. Companies and students are able to meet, exchange information and get to know each other better.  Students speak with recruiters about the companies’ activities, internships and job opportunities without having the pressure of an actual job interview.
As well as the regular careers fairs, students are invited to attend the “Careers Tuesday” events. These events take place every Tuesday from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.  The Careers Tuesdays usually follow a format: company representatives make a quick presentation of the activities, products or services, and then outlines the career opportunities within the company. 
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