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10 tips for success at business school


Want to know how to get the most out of your time at business school? Read this short guide to get you on track to succeed and get your career off to a flying start.

​Here are our 10 tips

> Motivation:
If you are motivated to do something, you can do just about anything. Be sure you are highly motivated to succeed. If you aren’t, work on it. Here's how:

1. Set goals and visualise their realisation, down to even the small details. 
2. Make a list of the reasons why you want to achieve your goals. 
3. Break the goal down into smaller achievements, then set intermediary targets.

> Participate in class
Participation often makes up a large portion of your grade. Not only that, by participating and speaking about the subject, you will be testing your understanding of what you’re learning and getting feedback from professors and other students. You will also be getting easy practice on speaking in public - an important skill for business success.

> Manage your time intelligently
This is a hugely important life skill. And one of the best times to hone that skill is as a student. 

Good time management means prioritising (and reprioritising), not procrastinating, and occasionally saying no to social events.

> Network, network, network!
Grades are important, sure. Nevertheless, networking will bring massive rewards while at school and will set you up for career success after graduation. And, yes -again- this is another hugely important life skill.

> Join or form a study group
A study group can be an efficient way of learning more, more quickly – tasks can be shared and members can then learn from one another. Being accountable to the study group can also be a powerful motivation. Oh, and networking is part of the study group package.

And the five no-brainers (just in case):
    • Show up to class
    • Sit in the front row
    • Ask questions
    • Be open to new ideas
    • Learn to read fast

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