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Alumna publishes sustainable cuisine recipe book

Published on 24 November 2020

Alaude Lefebvre, a 2018 MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation graduate, co-founded the Sublimeurs agency with the help of SKEMA Ventures as soon as she graduated. Her goal? To accompany and support those involved in sustainable cuisine in their development and influence.

​To continue this work, the agency is launching its first book on how to eat well in the Haut-de-France, a French region. The book is in French and is called Les Artisans d'une Cuisine Responsable. The book details 12 meetings with chefs, craftsmen, producers, as well as 54 recipes, and above all one large address book. 

To finalise this project, they need all of us! They are organising a crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation, printing and the whole process so that we can enjoy this great work.

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